Barack & Michelle Obama Brew Beer

BO and MO have been at it again... brewing beer at the White House. President Obama sampled the beer in a recent interview on NBC - skip to 4:46 if you aren't interested in the Super Bowl or American politics! From across the pond, we salute you Mr President!

A few years ago The White House announced they'd been working on a couple of beers in their kitchens [link]. The recipes incorporate honey from White House bee hives located on The South Lawn.

The White House Blog wrote about the beers previously - click here to read it. You'll find The White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter recipes within the blog entry. We haven't tried them yet but they look tasty.

We stock all the ingredients in our shop. As Valentine's Day approaches why don't you take a leaf out of the Obama's book and do some homebrewing together!