Professor David Nutt - Alcosynth & Chaperone

Two new 'wonder-drugs' for those among us who drink alcohol? The first drug will make you feel drunk without intoxicating your liver and not give you a hangover. The second drug will stop you feeling excessively drunk if you drink too much in one sitting. They are called Alcosynth and Chaperone respectively - both were revealed by Professor David Nutt earlier this year.

Professor Nutt doesn't currently have backers for the drugs (and testing them will cost a large sum). The UK has strict laws on introducing new drugs (no bad thing!) so it will be years before these drugs could be commercially available to the public. Nevertheless it's pretty interesting and either wonderfully fantastic or completely awful depending on your perspective.

You might remember Professor Nutt from back in 2009 when he was dropped as the government's Drugs Adviser for saying "There is not much difference between horse-riding and ecstasy". If you haven't come across Nutt before,  read the 'Career summary and research' section of his Wikipedia article to understand his credibility and authority on his controversial opinion. Once you've read his CV, try not to think why the government dropped him for what he said... it's easier that way.

In 2012 Nutt wrote an excellent book called Drugs Without the Hot Air (buy it from Waterstone's) - here is a review in the Economist.

You can follow him on Twitter too @ProfDavidNutt