SS Technologies Brewmaster Fermentation Bucket

We now have in stock SS Technologies stainless steel Brewmaster Bucket.

This stainless steel fermenter will last you a lifetime. The benefits of stainless steel over plastic include plastic becoming brittle over time and splitting, any scratches in the plastic harbour bacteria which could harm your brew, strong flavours such as very hoppy or spiced beers can stick to the plastic and effect subsequent brews.

Made from certified food grade 304 stainless steel the Brewmaster Bucket has a conical bottom to minimise the surface area of your beer which is contact with the sediment. Clamp down lid ensures vessel is completely airtight with a hole for airlock or blow off tube. They are stackable allowing multiple brews to be on the go at any one time. Rotatable racking arm ensures no sediment gets through the tap into your finished beer. Comes with thermowell and LCD temperature gauge.