How to Cornykeg Series - What is it?

Cornykegs are becoming increasingly popular amongst homebrewers. What are they? How do they work? What are the benefits? We’ll answer these questions with a series of cornykeg blog post over the course of this week.
A cornelius keg, sometimes referred to as a corny (corni) or soda keg, is a stainless steel cylinder-shaped barrel designed to contain carbonated drinks under pressure. As well as contain carbonated drinks, the barrels are designed to allow you to carry out a process called ‘force carbonating’ which we’ll explain more about in a post this Wednesday. 

Originally these kegs were used in the soft drink industry, but now they are the chosen keg for many beer brewers. We stock brand new 19 litre AEB ball lock cornelius kegs, as well as all the fittings and accessories.

As mentioned above cornykegs have a cylindrical body which gives them a small footprint (only 22cm diameter). People who want to keep a few brews in a relatively small space won’t have any problems. The kegs have moulded rubber bases, similar sturdy handles, and are surprisingly lightweight, which all mean you won’t struggle moving the keg around even when full of your own tasty brew! The overall build quality of the kegs means, with proper maintenance and care, they should last a lifetime.

Let us know if you have any questions about these kegs and we can make sure they're covered later in the week!