How to Cornykeg Series - Anatomy of the Keg

The cornykeg has an 'out' post for the beer with a dip tube leading right to the bottom of the keg so you won't lose any of your precious brew. A black disconnect and tap of your choice attach to this post. Opposite the 'in' post takes a grey disconnect and allows you to add CO2 to the keg. The disconnects are colour coded to avoid them being used on the wrong post, Grey for Gas, Black for Beer - easy. The disconnects may look interchangeable but they're not. Putting a disconnect on the wrong post can damage the disconnect. 

We use 7/16 to 3/8 adapters to securely attach the grey disconnect to the gas line. The gas line leads from the keg to a CO2 regulator which screws directly on to the CO2 canister. Use the CO2 regulator to control how much CO2 can be released from the gas canister into the keg (more on this in the the next post).

The first gas canister costs around £60 then return the empty canister and get a refill price around £20, contact us about where to purchase gas. 

There are alternative taps available such as a sparkler or party tap. The sparkler tap screws directly onto the black disconnect, like the chrome tap. The party tap is a thumb trigger tap attached to the black disconnect with a length of beer line. This is exactly the same type of hose as the gas line named according to the substance travelling through it.

Pop back tomorrow for a post on Force Carbonation.