Preserving Your Elderflower Cordial

We've all smelt the signature scent or spotted the characteristic florets to tell us elderflower season is in full swing. Here at the shop we've made our first batch of elderflower cordial (see recipe here) and are planning on making a second (bigger) batch this weekend because it's just so tasty, sweet and refreshing. Particularly refreshing when added to a good old gin and tonic.

A common question about the cordial is: what is the best method of preserving it to enure it lasts as long as possible? Although it's tricky to be too specific with homemade, natural produce there are various methods you can use.

Option one: pop it in the fridge. Nice and easy and it will preserve your cordial for a few weeks. Option two: freeze it. Put your cordial into plastic bottles, 1 pint milk bottles are a good size and pack into the freezer easily. Leave space in the top too allow for the cordial to expand as it freezes. Or try ice cube trays to preserve in single portions. Option three, our preferred method (because our freezer space is a valuable commodity) add 1/4 teaspoon of campden powder per litre and your cordial will keep for up to a year.

(Option four, although not for this blog post, is obviously fermenting it)